1st Port Nelson Scouts – Burlington, ON

Support kids in our community!

Over the course of the year 1st Port Nelson Scouts coordinate a few programs to help offset the costs of our equipment and trips.  The money raised by our group has helped to purchase new capital equipment such as; tents, stoves, canoes, tools etc.  Every 3-4 years there are also national Jamborees where our youth will travel to camp with kids from all over Canada.  

Maple Syrup

Every year we offer award winning maple syrup that cannot be compared to the thin variety you buy in the grocery store.  Syrup has been a top selling product for our Scout Group in the past and every year we have families coming back to order from us again and again.   As we buy this product direct from the farm we offer it at a very competitive price with all the profits going to our Scout group without any middleman markup.

Orders begin every February and must be placed with us before March with expected delivery in April (dependent upon weather and the sap run)

Mabel’s Labels

Save the sanity of your volunteer Scouters!  Label EVERYTHING your child brings to camp!  

I can’t find my…       Is this mine…        That’s not mine!

Mabel’s Labels will donate a portion of every sale back to our group.  So you can help raise money for our group and give your Scouters a means to hand back what you purchased for your child ;-).

Scout Popcorn 

At the beginning of every Scout year from Sept. – Oct. our youth members offer popcorn. Your donation helps to offset training costs for our Scouters, program fees, equipment and much much more.  60% of your donation stays with the local Scout group!