1st Port Nelson Scouts – Burlington, ON

Come visit one of our meetings or register online.

Would you like to arrange a visit for you and your child to a group meeting or are you already thinking this sounds like an amazing adventure for your kids?
Registration is easy! Go to the MyScouts.ca website, search for Scouting on Wednesday or Thursday evenings, select 1st Port Nelson complete the forms and payment.

Remember to have your child’s health card, the date of their last tetanus shot, your doctor’s phone number and the information for those that you will provide us as emergency contacts handy.

If you want to learn more feel free to contact us.

Register online: Enter your postal code & select 1st Port Nelson Scouts

Below are some of the questions parents usually ask us:

Scouts Canada is a Co-ed organization and has been since 1998.  We have girls and women of all ages participating in each of our sections and as members of our leadership team. 

All the sections will start up just after Labour Day in September once the new school year starts.  The groups will meet regularly until May and the older sections may continue throughout the summer.

The Scouts Canada registration fee is set by the national office and is approx. $250 per child.
This fee goes to the national and regional offices to cover insurance and administration for running the programs.  This fee does not go to our group and youth will be asked to participate in fundraising actives during the Scouting year to help offset program costs: Such as Apple Day, Scout Popcorn, Scrap Aluminum and Maple Syrup sales.

Financial aid is available for families of limited means. You can submit an application to the Scouts Canada Foundation’s established fund, No One Left Behind. For more information visit the No One Left Behind page.

Each member is expected to purchase a uniform for their section.  Uniforms (shirt and hat) will cost approx. $35 – $45

Outings can vary on the length of time and for the type equipment required to camp.  As the youth get older costs will increase for the more advanced outings such as portage trips, dogsledding and jamborees.  Leaders will always let the parents and youth know the cost prior to the event.  On average outings will range from $10 – $50.

Scouts is run by a team of volunteers and parents from our community.  Every volunteer is screened and provided training in order to provide a safe and positive experience for youth members.  You can read more on our child and youth safety on www.scouts.ca

Scouting welcomes people of all faiths, backgrounds, and orientation.  We support and encourage the youth in our program to share their beliefs with others so everyone can understand and appreciate diversity.

You can give us a shout at 905 580 6267 or email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.